Artemis Maxima


The Art of Stabilisation

This stabiliser allows you to hold it close to your body, this system is heavy so does require a body support rig.

Here is some information about the system:

Allows use of camera system with a total weight of up to 30 kg.

Enables you to perform vertical swivels up to 90 degrees.

Optimized bearings and high torque ensure you have power.

Heat resistance up to 120° Celsius.

32-bit ARM-based multiprocessors with additional slave RISC processor support.

Multi-sensor data is processed without loss.

The maximum angular deviation is 0.05 degrees.

You can customised & save profiles.

1.5-inch OLED menu allows is easy to navigate through.

Maxima Specs:

Electronic Highly effective motor drivers

Separate sensors for camera and frame position

Additional rotating position sensors for pan and tilt axes

Positioning Accuracy: 0,017°

Maximum Rotation Range:

Pan axis 320° • Tilt axis +/- 150° • Roll axis +/- 40°

Maximum Positioning Speed:

Pan axis 160° / Sec. • Tilt axis: 200° / Sec. • Roll axis: 90° / Sec.

Maximum Camera Dimensions Depth from COG:

500 mm • Height from mounting plate: 210 mm • Width: 225 mm

Operating Temperature -15° to +50° Celsius

Dimensions: 540 mm W – 518 mm H – 137 mm D

Max Payload: 30kg

Weight: 5.5 kg net

Power Supply: Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-Mount.

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