Helix Junior

A highly compact lightweight stabilisation solution

A Compact Handheld Stabilisation System

A super lightweight easy to use gimbal which is a highly versatile tool that should be in every serious shooters kit-list.

Designed for smaller lighter camera packages, the following cameras have been used with the Junior:

Red Weapon – Lightweight setup
ARRI Mini – Lightweight setup
C100 MK1 & MK2
Various DSLRs
A7S ii – TV Logic, RT Motion, Superspeeds.

It’s worth noting that we found too many limitations using the Junior with larger cinematic camera such as the ARRI Mini and Weapon.

The Junior is designed to handle around 5kg, with all the accessories required for professional use the system becomes too heavy which will cause damage to the system.

Also the compact form factor of the junior gets in the way of larger cameras, leaving less space to attach accessories etc.

We recommend starting with at least a standard Helix for stabilising bigger heavier setups.

The Helix is a Modular System

The Jr Helix can work in the following configurations:

4 Axis – Use with Ready Rig or Steadicam Arm

3 Axis  – Handheld or mount on Steadicam

1 Axis – Ideal for Steadicam, Monopod or Shouldermount

Remote Head – 3 Axis wireless wheels or RC control

Need a lightweight stabilisation solution?

Super lightweight design which is compact and easy to use

A highly versatile tool that should be in every serious shooters kit-list