Letus 1 Axis Pro + Steadicam

Perfect 360º Horizon Levelling Solution For Steadicam

Letus Helix 1 Axis Pro

The Letus Helix 1 Axis Pro has been designed to isolate any translation vibrations in the roll axis, pin point accuracy has now been achieved.

The combination with Steadicam allows quick transitions from high to low, 360º roll across the lens axis & enables you to capture unique perspectives.

The Letus 1 Axis Pro is designed to free your mind from worrying about keeping horizon level and to rather focus more on executing the move ahead of you.

Adding the Letus 1 Axis Pro to your workflow is extremely useful especially in tough conditions such as windy weather, running around stairs where it can often be tricky correcting horizon and action sequences where it’s most difficult to keep horizon.

The new 19mm standard rail-base system allows users to convert the 1 Axis into various modes, with a little of ingenuity, the possibilities are endless.

The Letus Helix is a Modular System

Both the Letus Double Helix and 1 Axis Pro make up a part of the 3 axis handheld gimbal, both the Letus Double and Letus Helix Pro can be upgraded to a become a complete 3 Axis unit future proofing your investment.

The Letus Double Helix has 2 additional features one of which is a remote head conversion kit and the other allows the removal of the pan axis motor.

This makes it possible to lock the pan axis, this allows whip pans and makes the Letus Helix system the first hybrid stabilisation system in the world.

The Letus Helix system has been designed to work in various configurations, below are some the most common applications being put to use by professionals:

1 Axis Steadicam – Keeping horizon level in tough conditions

1 Axis Handheld – Supported with Exoskeleton, Easy Rig

1 Axis Dolly – 360º wireless roll control

1 Axis Shoulder Mount – Unique hybrid stabilisation

With time industry professionals will find even more uses for the system, one thing is for sure this system is not a gimmick.

There’s no need to compromise with the Helix

Work with a wide range of cameras + lenses & attach accessories such as WCU3, Preston, Teradek, Cinetape + Cinelink, LMB5 + Filters, Monitors & onboard V-Lock or Anton Bauer power with ease.

Letus Double Helix Single Axis or 1 Axis Pro?

Not sure which Letus Helix Gimbal is right for you or unsure whether to purchase or hire?
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