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About us

Based in Pinewood Studios specialising in providing camera stabilisation solutions to the film and broadcast industry.

We’ve been at the heart of electronic handheld stabilisation technology since the early modest days of stabilising DSLRs to being the first in the world to stabilise and shoot with the Panavision Millennium XL2 35mm film camera on the Double Helix weighing around 23kg.

The last few years have been spent out in the field with award winning DOPs such as David Higgs BSC, Ed Wild BSC, Gavin Finney BSC, Greig Fraser ASC ACS,  John Conroy ISC, Laurie Rose BSC, Robbie Ryan ISC BSC amongst others who have helped to provide critical feedback for our engineers to refine the design of the Helix & the Exhauss Exoskeleton.

The modularity of the Helix and Exoskeleton allows us to capture shots on tracking vehicles, rickshaws, cranes, dollies, Steadicams, shoulder mounts in a way that you can’t with any other piece of kit available in the industry.

The Double Helix 3 axis stabilised remote head benefits from slip-ring technology allowing a continuous 360º roll across the lens axis and can be remotely controlled by the Klassen wireless wheels.

Here’s a list of some of the cameras configurations we have stabilised and operated:

Panavision Millennium XL2 – Double Helix + Cine Exo

ARRI A65 – Double Helix – Cine Exo

ARRI 235 – Double Helix – Cine Exo

ARRI Alexa Plus – Double Helix – Cine Exo

ARRI Mini – Double Helix/Pro – Standard + Cine Exo

RED Weapon – Double Helix/Pro – Standard + Cine Exo

Varicam 35 – Double Helix – Cine Exo

Sony F55 – Helix Pro – Standard Exo

Sony FS7 – Helix Pro + Standard Exo

Sony FS5 – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Sony A7S MK2 with Atomos Shogun – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Canon C300 MK1 & MK2 – Helix Pro + Standard Exo

Canon 1DC – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Canon C100 MK1 & MK2 – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Various DSLRs – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Blackmagic Cinema – Helix Pro

Blackmagic Ursa – Double Helix + Cine Exo + Standard Exo

Ursa Mini – Helix Pro – Standard Exo

We believe strongly in education and have developed GBCT accredited training courses which are designed to help educate industry professionals on how to use the Helix and Exoskeleton in various configurations both technically and practically on set.

Stabilisation Specialists

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• 3 Axis Handheld Stabilisation – Perfect for Narrative Scenes

• Jib Motion From Ground to 6ft High Ideal for Tight Spaces.

• Vehicle Mounted Tracking Shots – 3 Axis Wireless Wheel Control

• Remote Head 360º Stabilised Horizon + Wireless Wheels

• Slip Ring Stabilised 360º Horizon Control + Wireless Wheels

• 1 Axis Mounted on Steadicam or 3 Axis on Pro Arm or Any Other

• Hybrid Stabilised Shoulder Mount

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We provide unique stabilisation solutions to the film and broadcast industry

 Supporting some of the most respected DOPs on some of the biggest sets in the world

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