Double Helix

The Double Helix is a modular camera stabilisation solution which allows all individual axis to be used and controlled independently.

Key Features
A stabilised remote head kit is also available which you can control with 3 axis wireless wheels.
Includes D-tap, 2 pin Lemo, 16V, 3-Pin raw power and HD-SDI through slip ring technology which allows continuous 360 degree roll across the lens axis.

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The Letus Double Helix has been used by some of the most demanding DoP?s and operators on the most demanding sets.
Not only can this system stabilise the average industry camera package weighing around 17kg but also film cameras which can weigh up to 25kg. The Letus Double Helix is also the first handheld electronic stabilisation system that can stabilise film cameras.

The Letus Double Helix can stabilise the following cameras amongst others:

Panavision Millenium XL2
ARRI 235
ARRI Alexa Plus
RED Weapon and Dragon
Varicam 35 and LT
Sony F55
Blackmagic Ursa and Mini Ursa

The Letus Helix is a Modular System. The Letus Double Helix can work in the following configurations:
Remote Head ? Controlled by 3 axis wireless wheels
3 Axis Handheld ? Supported with Exoskeleton, Easyrig or Steadicam Arm
2 Axis Handheld ? Pan axis can be locked to allow whip pans
1 Axis 360? Horizon ? Steadicam ? Dolly ? Shouldermount ? Underslung

If you?d like to find out more about the Letus Double Helix then feel free to get in touch.