Hawk-wood X-Boxx 24V Block Batteries (3-pin XLR)

Batteries Bullet Points (Small Descriptions):
Lithium-Ion Cells
26V 24Ah
600 Watts
Ideal for 24v Film Cameras (Arri/Phantom)

Charger Bullet Points (Small Descriptions):
Supplied with UK Mains Power Cable
Flying XLR male cable
Charge Rate of 5.0A

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Batteries Description:
The XB2-600 from Hawk-Woods gives you all the advantages of a conventional battery box, but with considerably less size and weight. Four Lithium-Ion cells are fitted into this neat compact design. Designed to be carried over the shoulder, its almost half the weight of a battery box with similiar specifications.

Charger Description:
The XB-25C is an X-Boxx charger for the Hawk-Woods range of high capacity X-Boxx battery boxes.