Helix Pro Single Axis

19mm rail-based standard Helix 1axis (Magnesium)
Camera plate* (non QR)
Steadicam plate* (non QR)
Counter weight (1set)
Front support

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The Letus Helix 1 Axis Pro has been designed to isolate any translation vibrations in the roll axis, pin point accuracy has now been achieved. The combination with Steadicam allows quick transitions from high to low, 360? roll across the lens axis & enables you to capture unique perspectives. The Letus 1 Axis Pro is designed to free your mind from worrying about keeping horizon level and to rather focus more on executing the move ahead of you.

Adding the Letus 1 Axis Pro to your workflow is extremely useful especially in tough conditions such as windy weather, running around stairs where it can often be tricky correcting horizon and action sequences where it?s most difficult to keep horizon.

The new 19mm standard rail-base system allows users to convert the 1 Axis into various modes, with a little of ingenuity, the possibilities are endless.