Helix Pro

Key Features:
Bluetooth and Wifi module
RC receiver (2nd operator mode-ready)
Helix Mg with 19mm rod base that can convert to the 1 Axis Pro in a matter of minutes.
Front support bearing set
One V-lock battery 95WH
One charger

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The standard Letus Helix was redesigned taking inspiration from the design of the Letus Double Helix. The Letus Helix Pro has 19mm carbon fibre rods for the camera to sit on and benefits from the front ring support. Resulting in a system which is more stable, easier to balance and allows the use of a wider range of lenses.

The Letus Helix Pro has been used with the following cameras:
RED Weapon
Sony F55
Canon C300
Canon C100
Canon DSLR?s
A7s i & ii

This Letus Helix can stabilise camera configurations weighing around 10kg however compared to the Letus Double Helix you are limited to the size and weight of your builds which for some will matter and for other users is not an issue.

The Letus Helix Pro is a Modular System. The Letus Standard Helix can work in the following configurations:

4 Axis ? Supported with Easyrig or Steadicam Arm
3 Axis ? Exoskeleton or use with Steadicam Arm
1 Axis ? Steadicam, Monopod or Shouldermount
Remote Head ? 3 axis wireless wheel and RC control