Helix Technicians

Our in-house team have you covered

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We are some of the most experienced gimbal operator and technician in the world working our way up onto big budget features, award winning drama series and high end commercials. Assisting some of the most respected operators, grips and DOPs such as David Higgs BSC, Ed Wild BSC, Gavin Finney BSC, John Conroy ISC, Laurie Rose BSC, Robbie Ryan ISC BSC amongst others. Being the first in the world to stabilise and shoot with the Panavision Millennium XL2 35mm film camera on the Double Helix weighing around 23kg which is supported by the Exoskeleton.

We can tackle real world situations such as going through tight doorways, stairways, over tables and fit in and around tight spaces with industry standard cinematic camera packages. We are also able to jib from the ground to over 6ft up, track from knee level to head high all in one shot, rotate camera 360? across the lens axis whilst being able to pan and tilt nodally.

The modularity of the Helix and Exoskeleton allows usto capture shots on tracking vehicles, rickshaws, cranes, dollies, Steadicams, shoulder mounts in a way that you can?t with any other piece of kit available in the industry. The Double Helix 3 axis stabilised remote head benefits from slip-ring technology allowing a continuous 360? roll across the lens axis, this can be remotely controlled by the Klassen wireless wheels or a RC handset.

Understanding the fast paced nature of tightly scheduled shoots and the skills required to carry out our job on set with diligence over time has become second nature. Being at the heart of developing the Helix and Exoskeleton allows us to easily troubleshoot any technical issues quickly and calmly on set.

If you?re looking for a stabilised shots, get in touch and we will help you find the right solution.