Quad 4×4

The Quad 4X4 Camera Tracking Vehicle System can accommodate most types of terrain ranging from rough wooded areas to smooth roads. The Quad 4X4 especially benefits from being capable of Tracking on the Public Highway, as it is U.K road registered. An added benefit to the Quad 4X4 is its small frame which?is ideal for limited areas such as shopping malls & narrow streets./nThe Quad system is normally used with a Steady Cam or a Libra System. A camera operator?s seat & crash helmet accompany this vehicle which allows the camera operator to ride the Quad 4X4 at the same time. The Quad 4X4 has been designed to have a variation of front and back mountings, with the added capability of platforms which are supplied on request. The Quad 4X4 is transported in our fully self-sufficient Mobile Workshop, which allows us to make the necessary alterations when on location.

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