Standard Helix

One or three axis modular camera stabilizer system.
Utilizes optical center of the camera for both balance and image stabilization
Designed to roll the camera on optical center
4 axis stabilizer

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The Letus Standard Helix. Used by some of the most respected DoPs and operators in the industry, it has proven its place amongst professionals. This electronic stabiliser has proven to be easy to use, robust and quick on set.

The Letus Standard Helix has been used with the following cameras:

ARRI Alexa M
RED Weapon
Sony F55
Canon C300
Canon C100
Canon DSLR?s
A7s i & ii

This Letus Helix can stabilise camera configurations weighing around 8kg however compared to the Letus Double Helix and Letus Helix Pro you are limited to the size of your builds which for some will matter and for other users is not an issue.

The Letus Helix is a Modular System. The Letus Standard Helix can work in the following configurations:

4 Axis ? Supported with Easyrig or Steadicam Arm
3 Axis ? Exoskeleton or use with Steadicam Arm
1 Axis ? Steadicam, Monopod or Shouldermount
Remote Head ? 3 axis wireless wheel and RC control

The Letus Standard Helix can be converted in to the Letus 1 Axis Pro, the single axis is the base required for the conversion.

If you already own the Letus Standard Helix then it?s highly worth checking out the Letus 1 Axis Pro.