Remote Heads

They're Big they're heavy & they're super steady

Remote Head Solutions

There are a only a few trusted Heads in the industry such as the Libra, Scorpio & Flight Heads + Russian Arm for vehicle tracking shots.

We offer solutions for remote heads that work on:0

Vehicles – including quad bikes & motorbikes

Boats – including jet skis

Russian Arm with Flighthead

Cable Cams

Cranes – Including Technocranes


If you are looking to use a remote head and are not sure which head to use then get in touch.

Let us know your shot requirements and we can assist you to find the right solution.

Remote Heads and Vehicle Tracking Shots

We work with the following equipment:

Double Helix Remote Head

Flight Heads

Russian Arm

Scorpio Stabilised & Non Stabilised


Libra Heads

 Amongst the best in the world at camera stabilisation

We have extensive knowledge and experience with the remote heads

 Not sure which head to use then get in touch and we’ll help you find the right solution