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About me

I’m amongst the best in the world at balancing, tuning & getting the best results from the Helix range of stabilisers.

I love being on set supporting DoP’s & operators, I work closely with 1st ACs as I am also responsible for building the camera on the Helix & then tuning the system to achieve stabilisation.

I’ve worked & configured the Letus Helix range of electronic stabilisers with the following cameras fully kitted out to the max with accessories:

ARRI A65 – Double Helix

ARRI 235 – Double Helix

ARRI Alexa Plus – Double Helix

ARRI Mini -Double Helix – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

RED Dragon – Double Helix – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Varicam 35 – Double Helix

Sony F55 – Standard Helix

Sony FS7 – Standard Helix

Sony FS5 – Standard Helix

Sony A7S MK1 with Atomos Shogun – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Canon C300 MK1 & MK2 – Standard Helix

Canon 1DC – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Canon C100 MK1 & MK2 -Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Various DSLRs – Standard Helix – Jr Helix

Blackmagic Cinema – Standard Helix

Blackmagic Ursa – Double Helix

Mini Ursa – Standard Helix


I aim to be amongst the best in the industry when it comes to camera stabilisation, the Helix can be configured as a stabilised remote head this sparked a desire to work with bigger stabilised heads such as the Scorpio Stabilised, Libra, Flight Heads + Russian Arm & also the Super Techno Cranes… I’m currently training as a technician on the following gear:

Flight Head 5 & 6 – Training at ARRI Rental

Russian Arm – Training at Bickers by Andy Thompson

Scorpio Stabilised & Non Stabilised – Training at ARRI Rental

Dyna X5 – Training at BeyondHD by Dynamic Perspective

Super Techno Crane – Training at ARRI Rental

I’d also like to work with the Libra Head & work hard to be a respected problem solving technician who is in constant demand.

 Amongst the best in the world at camera stabilisation

I have extensive knowledge & experience of Balancing, Tuning & Configuring the Helix

 to work with Tools required by DoPs & 1st ACs to Minimise the need to compromise

There’s no need to compromise with the Helix

Not sure if the Helix is right for you or unsure whether to purchase or hire?
Don’t hesitate to call us for some friendly advice or to book a demo & we’ll find out which version of the Helix best suits your needs.



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