Knowedge is Power

Want someone to show you the ropes?

1 Day Training Course for Operators

Health and Safety – Working with Gimbals and Support rigs

Introduction to the Cine Exoskeleton Support rig

Theory and application of Drone Gimbals converted for handheld operation

Basic introduction to dynamic balancing

Basic introduction to power inputs & outputs

Suiting up, vest adjustment and setting the arm tension

Understanding follow mode, tuning responsiveness of tilt and pan

Students fly the system to get a feel for the system and how to develop good posture

Shooting forward, backward, to the side and backwards whilst walking forward

Rest positions, mounting Helix on and off.

Jibbing form the ground to above head height and using system like a small jib

Holding a still frame and using the system like a set of sticks

Operating in low mode

Ascending, descending stairways and going through doorways

Joystick control and 360° Roll

Each student must capture specific shots that have been designed by tutor

Modularity of the Helix Theory – 1 Axis, 2 Axis, 3 Axis & Remote Head Use

Introduction to Klassen 3 Axis Wireless Wheels

1 Day Training Course for Helix Technicians

Health and Safety – Working with gimbals and support rigs

Setting up Cine Exoskeleton support rig and setting up tension in arms

Tools and accessories required in your kit

Review Helix components

Building the Double Helix

Understanding fundamentals of Helix dynamic balancing

Power inputs, outputs, polarity and custom cables

Building camera and accessories on the Helix

Pairing the Helix to your Mac or iOS App

Basic review of the iOS App

Basic review of the Helix computer software interface (GUI)

Basic Introduction to PID

Basic Introduction to Remote Control functions

Understanding & tuning Follow Mode

Troubleshooting and calibration of motors and encoders

De-Rig and packing up

knowledge is power and wisdom is knowing how to use it

The biggest downfall of gimbals on sets has been due to the lack of knowledge and experience of operators and technicians

Poorly prepared for tasks ahead will lead to failure and is detrimental to your career